Toulon, Bandol, Sanary, and Lavandou: seaside gems in the south of France

I arrived to la gare (‘train station’) of Toulon on Tuesday afternoon and was whisked away on a car ride through the city. With a population of over 150,000 inhabitants and 3,840 inhabitants per square mile, Toulon has a lot of people in a relatively small area. What first struck me was the cleanliness of the city and the relative lack of homeless people wandering around, something that I had frankly gotten used to since coming to France. Here’s the view from my room:ImageThe next morning, we went for a walk through the city to catch a bus to a nearby town, Bandol, and here are some photos I took along the wayImageI absolutely loved this place (square), with its oliviers (olive trees), quiet fountain, and shuttered windows against the buttercup yellow of the surrounding building. Très Méditerranéen. ImageL’Opéra de ToulonImageImagePlace de la Liberté

We then hopped into a bus to go to nearby Bandol, a small, ritzy beachside town.ImageImageImageImageWe then took another bus ride to the city of Sanary, which was about 15 minutes away from Bandol. Here are some photos of the Paroisse Catholique at Saint Nazaire, with impressive murals inside.ImageImageI had to take a photo of their hôtel de ville, their town hall, since it was just so little and so… cute. ImageSanary is really popular for the people of the region because of its nighttime market, which begins at around 8pm. Artisans from all over the region come to show and sell their goods. ImageFor my last day in the south of France, I went to the beach with some dear friends. The area that we went to is called Le Lavandou, which has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. The interesting thing about being at the beach in this area is that you can always see land, because of the small islands off the coast. ImageImageAfter a thoroughly satisfying picnic and several hours in the sun, it was time to head back. A perfect end to my stay in the south before heading up to Lille, a six-hour journey in high-speed TGV trains.

À bientôt !



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